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On Judas [Apr. 27th, 2004|11:28 am]


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[music |Gethesemane - JCS]

I found a book written by Mormons about the life and times of Jesus the Christ.

They only mention Judas as an utterly despicable character who profaned the sacred face of the Lord with a betraying kiss. They also claim that mortals cannot understand Jesus's agony and ecstacy. Therefore we know that they are a false text.

However they do have some information about Judas and his role within the Apostoles. They call him complaining, avaricious, hypocritical, unprincepaled, and dishonest. He was apparently something along the lines of a Treasurer (ie, the complaint about the expense of the ointment) and as a man who kind of ran errands and conducted exchanges for Jesus and his followers. What they neglect to mention is why Jesus would give such an important role to a despicable man who he did not trust.

At the last supper, he has his feet washed by Jesus with the rest of the disciples, and afterward Jesus says that one of them is still unclean. Then Jesus spends the entire Last Supper slying beating up Judas. Then (either before of after the Last Supper and the receiving of the body and blood) Jesus feeds Judas a sop (bread in wine) in order to mark him out, and says "That thou doest, do it quickly." Judas then leaves, and it is possible that it is only a few who understand that this is the betrayal, everyone else just assumes that he is going on a errand.

When he comes into the garden of Gethsemane with the Roman guards, Judas goes up to Jesus, hails him as master, and kisses him. As a footnote, the text points out that in the Greek of Matthew and Mark, it is not a single kiss but many kisses, some quite effusive. Jesus asks if he betrays the Son of Man with a kiss. Then Jesus calls Judas 'friend' and tells him to do the deed. The text says that this appellation is a sign of underserved mercy on the part of Jesus for Judas, but we all know what is really going on there.

Judas's suicide is given no mercy. They say that he felt bad, excruciating pain, and then hung himself. This earns him a ticket to be flung into hell with the sons of perdition. It is a very strange section. They work up all this sympathy for him, even trying to point out that Judas tries to give back the 30 pieces of silver, and then almost gleefully say that the people used the 30 pieces to by a potters wrokshop and they buried lots of nasty people there, including Judas.

The most interesting part is a note after the death of Judas which points out that in later times there have been apologists for Judas Iscariot. They mention German philosophers and psychoanalysts who attempt to clear his name. While the point of the note is "Judas evil spawn of Satan bitch whore", I think you should look into that and see if you can find those Germans who explored the figure of Judas.

Oh yeah, and the ointment is spikenard.

Jes, if you want to see the text, drop me a line.

[User Picture]From: lynnmathews
2004-04-27 11:40 am (UTC)
Am I gonna... cry?

Yes, I do. *cries*
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