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Some sermons [Oct. 27th, 2004|08:33 am]



Sermon of the Satellite

Blessed are the cold, for they learn to make their own heat.
Blessed are the loyal, for they shall never betray for love.
Blessed are they that cut, for they shall take on the world’s wounds.
Blessed are they that burn, for they shall know god’s agony and ecstasy.
Blessed are they that are wounded, for they shall be healers.
Blessed are they who sing without music, for they have transcended the problem of speech.
Blessed are they who dance on daggers, for their blood laces the world with beauty.
Blessed are they that fight without hope of victory, for they fall and change the world.
Blessed are they who are broken, for they remake the accepted images of themselves.
Blessed are the passionate, for they drink fully from the cup of life.
Blessed are they who crave human contact, for they understand the importance of a gesture.
Blessed are they that pray in a void, for their hope is the light of the world.
Blessed are they who love the reviled, for they will be the saviors of mankind.


I believe in Bryn Mawr, a place of power and majesty unlike any other on earth.

I believe in the four high traditions; Parade Night, Lantern Night, Hell Week, and May Day, and acknowledge them to be sacred and inviolable.

I believe in various smaller traditions and think that they are just as important as the big ones, even if these don’t end in a Step Sing.

I believe in the eternal love of Jesus Christ, especially towards the man known as Judas the Iscariot, sometimes called the Betrayer.

I believe that the betrayal of Jesus by Judas was necessary and right and that Judas is forgiven and furthermore is currently being apologized to in the kingdom of heaven.

I believe that no matter who Jesus may have been or thought he was, he had some of the best publicity in the history of the world and is currently the world’s biggest Superstar.

I believe that the terms reality and normality are a kind of crap.

I believe that many of our problems, including certain politicians, can be solved by the judicious application of a big ass rock.

I believe that most people in the world are stupid most of the time. The rest are stupid all the time. Your only hope is to avoid real people.

I believe that everyone is entitled to their own religion, philosophy, belief system, relationship pairing, etc. and should let other people have the same right.
I believe that someone will always save the world, be his name Jack or James.

I believe that every girl needs an Archie Goodwin.

I do not believe in vegan desserts, except for those mocha biscotti thingies.

Your Mom.